Surviving quarantine #2

I’m sure you’ve seen the many introverts ruling lockdown memes, you know the ones: “Introverts: flattening the curve since forever,” “Social distancing? I’ve been training for this my whole life,” etc. And, although I’ve not seen any scientific studies, from personal experience lockdown was easier for introverts, or at least they were more prepared for what was happening. Now, several months after lockdown lifted in the UK (with the exception of hotspots), my husband and I are back in lockdown after a badly timed, but much needed trip to France.

From @introvertedmebook

Throughout the holiday my addicted-to-the-endorphines always exercising husband was stressed about the impending mini lockdown – no running, no swimming, no cycling! How would he cope. Me? Bullet journal out, everyday split into hours, each hour filled with writing, reading, uni stuff and ample space for Netflix/ Prime/ Disney. All things that require at least a seated position and are easily adapted for near horizontal. Quarantine was going to be fab!

Fast forward to day 6 of our government required isolation and I’m writing, reading, doing uni stuff and have ample time for Netflix/ Prime/ Disney. Husband is having a daily rant about his legs are feeling stiff, or how he’s going to be so unfit in two week’s time (he won’t be. I on the other hand may have finally transitioned into a human shaped blob of Nutella).

Compared to the previous lockdown this one has been easier on my ears as well. Most of our neighbours are back at work and the kids are at school. Energy levels at weekends are reduce by the exhaustion of a week’s commute that has been missing from their lives for so many months – this means less DIY and gardening. So in general my little world has become quieter again.

The only exception is my guitar playing husband who has replaced his exercise time with added guitar playing. Honestly, he can’t walk past the thing without needing to strum! But I’m being patient (my hearing therapist said I seemed more relaxed post-holiday, so I’m trying to channel that) and not threatening to smash the thing in half (guitar not husband). As long as I have space for myself and some quiet time, quarantine will always be easier for me than my more outgoing husband.

But I’m not saying it’s all easy going. I miss open water swimming and the peace and clarity it brings me. I’ve a booked in a session for first thing on the first day we’re allowed out – I’ll be so excited by then, they’ll be lucky if I get changed or just jump in fully clothed!

So, if another lockdown is lurking on your horizon, try not to fret. Most of us have been through this already, it can be shit, but we know we can make it to the other side. If you’re an extrovert, try talking to your introvert friends and see if they have any tips to help you have a calmer and quieter time. And, if you’re an extrovert living with an introvert please look after them, give them some space and quiet and they might be willing to spend some more time with you in exchange.

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