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Join us for a creative look at sound and our quest for quiet. Here you’ll find stories, adventures, fiction and non-fiction, all with sound at their heart.

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My first soundwalk – it didn’t go quite as planned

Rustling, shimmying, arrrgggghhhhhhh. Those are the sounds from my first soundwalk. I’ve got it on video on my phone. A close-up of a spider’s web, light green leaves waving in the background, then something swoops from behind me heading out to the light, the video takes a dramatic arc to the right, a squeal from…

The joy of walking barefoot

Indoors finally got to me. My germaphobe and introvert side lost the battle. My garden is a sanctuary, but I needed to see different shades of green, and yellow and brown. Westonbirt, the national arboretum seemed a good choice – far enough away to have an air of having to travel, but close enough that…

Sounds beyond the ringing

This piece came about as part of an exercise I did at uni. We were sent out to explore the area focusing on one sense. I chose hearing… Tinnitus sucks. Tinnitus especially sucks if it hits you suddenly, after a lifetime of almost bat like hearing and a love of playing ACDC at full blast.…

Sound is the vocabulary of nature

Pierre Schaeffer, French composer